The Downside of CPS Test

Primitive people might not have even thought, such inventions and innovations are taking over the world today. We are constantly surrounded by machines and technology, which have made our lives easier, faster, and smarter. Probably without these great inventions, it will get very difficult for humankind to survive.

No matter how advanced our lives have become with the help of machines, we should never forget that ‘Man-made the machines, and not the other way round.’ Being completely dependent on them might lead to many hurdles and addictions. Too much of anything can be harmful, and the same goes for technology as well.

The one technological machine that you will find everywhere is a computer. It helps in calculating complex math problems within seconds; it helps in maintaining lengthy documents and also solving difficult accounting transactions. There’s no doubt that the computer has acted as a boon to mankind. However, using it excessively has also led us to many difficulties. For instance: Health problems.Jitter testing

CPS Test and Your Health

‘Anything that costs your peace of mind and health is too expensive.’ Computer savvy people are practically buried behind the screen 24 X 7. They do not even have time to look up once in a while to see what’s going on around them. Computers are getting addictive day by day, especially among the youth. And the addiction comes in the forms of social media, gaming, etc. Gaming is greatly famous in today’s world. For instance: The clicker test, for some reason people cannot get enough of it, no matter how fun it is, but there’s also a downside of the same. We tell you how.


While playing the CPS test with a jitter clicker, one needs to do the following things-

  • Continuously click on the mouse to get the maximum clicks.
  • Hold the mouse perfectly to get the grip properly.

While doing the above-mentioned things, the pressure is transferred to the hands. It’s not an easy task to keep clicking for the specified time period, that too; continuously. Many people have experienced their hands going numb after playing the clicker test for a long.

In fact, while playing this game, one is risking getting arthritis. You can get swelling and feel tenderness on your joints. You’ll feel the pain and stiffness in your joints as well.

mouse clicking test



While taking the Kohi CPS test, or any kind of click per the second test for this purpose, one will obviously stare at the computer screen for longer time-periods. And that’s an exact thing, which might cause adverse effects on your eyesight. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll desire to play it even more and that will be very bad for your eyes. When one keeps looking at the computer screen, he or she invites many eye-problems.

As already mentioned above, excessive use of anything will cause adverse effects on your health, so ensure you play games for a limited time period and you won’t need to worry about anything!