Retinoid: A Wonder Ingredient To Cure All Skin Problems

Retinoid has been touted for many skincare treatments including ageing signs like wrinkles, acne, and even psoriasis. It is a well-known fact that retinoids are good for treating acne, but did you know that this miracle ingredient cures other skin problems too? If now let’s show you the uses of Retinoid in skin care treatments and home usage.


Firstly, Retinoid is widely available in OTC markets online and offline. It is in the form of skincare creams, gels, lotions, and soaps. Since their introduction in 1971, they are used extensively for treating skin ageing, psoriasis, acne and even a type of cancer.

Some retinoids are proven effective for preventing ageing, some for preventing acne and some in the treatment of psoriasis. But retinoids like Tazorac cream can be helpful to serve all purposes. The topical retinoids widely available nowadays can be named as retinol, tretinoin, adapalene, tazarotene, alitretinoin, bexarotene.

Retinoids For Acne


Retinoids are known to improve the deficiency of collagen in the skin. It is also used to unclog the blocked pore on the skin. When present in an acne-treating cream, it helps other acne-treating solutions to go into the skin layers by unclogging the pore around acne. They are also used in treating pigmentation and other hyperpigmentation disorders on facial skin.

Among all topical retinoids, tretinoin is used the most for treating acne and photo-ageing techniques. It prevents skin ageing by preventing the degradation of the dermal matrix and an increase in the production of procollagen.

Some of the side effects of retinoids include skin discoloration, skin redness, dryness of skin, scaling of the skin, itching, swelling and blistering. All these side effects mentioned are in mild impact stage, if the effect increases to a medical condition, you should definitely contact a dermatologist or physician.

Retinoids For Psoriasis

Retinoids like tazarotene can help slow down growth and shedding of skin cells. Thus it turns out to be just the effect needed for a psoriasis patient. A small dab on the lesion of psoriasis once a day can help reduce the disease. Also, retinoids are forms of Vitamin A. Thus the oral and topical solutions both work well in the slowing down of hyper-production of skin cells.

The following effects are seen by using retinoids for psoriasis disease:

  • Reduce the size of skin plaques
  • Increase the rate of shedding of dead skin
  • Improve overall skin appearance
  • Reduce the hyperproduction of skin

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