Real Names of These Rappers and How They Got Their Nicknames

As a kid, you must have wondered why these celebrities’ parents would give them such weird names! However, now we know that most rappers use a stage name or a made-up nickname. This serves different purposes to every artist so below listed are names of some popular rappers, their real names, and how they got their creative rapper name.

Jay Z

No one would have imagined that this killer rap artist’s real name is Shawn Corey Carter. The rapper’s first nickname was Jazzy. It is often said that it was so because of the J/Z subway near Brooklyn where he lived. This, however, changed in 1989, when he adopted the rap name “Jay-Z” in homage to the American record producer and also a rapper, Jaz-O. He was a mentor to Carter and also had him featured on his song “The Originators”.

2 Chainz

The man behind “No Lies”,  2 Chainz is believed to be in the popular scene since 2011-2012. However, 2 Chainz was known as Tity Boi before that. The birth name of the hit artist is Tauheed Epps.

When asked about his old rapper name, Tauheed Epps says that it came from his ‘big mama’ as he was the only child and was spoiled because of that; meaning he was breastfed a lot. As a result, his mama called him Tity Boi. His father called him Tity Man and the hood, Tit – basically a nickname.

He later changed it to a more family friendly name “2 Chainz” ; the idea for which came from his yearbook picture in which he was wearing 2 chains. He was into jewellery a lot and so it just stuck with him.

Chance The Rapper

As seen above, usually the rappers real names are very different from their actual birth names. Not so much for Chance the Rapper though. The “All we got” star’s real name is Chancelor Jonathan Bennet. So, Chance is just his real name shortened and made cool.


The “Panda” hitmaker’s real name is Sidney Royel Sellby III! No one would have thought, right? Sidney’s rap moniker is the most chic rap name. His initial nickname was Dezolo which he then changed to Designer Royel. Eventually, he dropped his middle name and added an extra ‘i’ to make his stage name. It’s true, sometimes the rap name ideas just strike!


The world famous rapper Eminem’s real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. As the best-selling rapper’s birth name name has 2 Ms (Marshall Mathers) he went for M&M and then later transformed it into Eminem! He also used to go by the name MC Double M during. His most popular moniker apart from Eminem is Slim Shady.

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