Public University Or Private University – Which To Choose In Turkey?

When it comes to studying abroad, many students choose Turkey for their studies. You may wonder what is superior their? Well, this is due to the excellent quality of Turkish education that is reputed all around the world. Turkey offers students an education that is an affordable alternative compared to most countries around the globe.

Several private universities of turkey are in the global ranking as they espouse criteria that are adopted globally. Istanbul is the most populated and most visited city in turkey because of its bridge between Europe and Asia. A list of private universities in Istanbul will help you find your globally recognized university in Istanbul, Turkey.

Both private and public universities have their pros and cons. Sometimes some things are better in one and not that good in others. But it depends on what your priorities are. Let me explain to you in some instances.


Both private and public universities have different ways of getting their funds. Public universities are funded by the government and private universities hinge on the funds from the tuition fees and alumni. This makes a huge difference in the tuition fees of both universities.

Because public universities receive their funds from the government, they subsidize the fees for students, making them cheaper than private universities. There are many students for whom fees are a major concern; the public university is a much better option for them.

Programs Offered

Usually, it depends on universities what type of programs and courses they want to offer, but it is also reliant on what type of university it is. The majority of publicly funded universities have a wide range of programs to offer than private universities. It also depends on the funds they have to accommodate the students. Turkey is known all around the globe for its creativity and unique learning techniques. They know-how to enhance student participation and how to prepare them for the future in an interesting manner.

Many students go for programs that are not very popular around the globe or are related to the creative field. These types of programs may not be available in many private universities and because of that many people go for a public university.

Class Size

Does class size matter? Yes, it does. If you like an environment that has few people involved and wants an intimate learning session, you better choose wisely. Public universities tend to have bigger class sizes and so the classrooms. Every student has their own need and when you are unsure if you would be able to handle the anonymity of the classmate, go for a private university as the class size is small, allowing you to have cherished class lectures.

There is no right or wrong, every student has different priorities and socioeconomic background. It’s not an easy decision about choosing your future, think, take your time, and then make a decision and if you want more details then visit