How to Use Emojis in Social Media?

If you are not habitual to use the Emojis in your writing while greeting good new with the smiley face then you have to observe other people how they use emojis in their communication. As per one study, more than 90 % of people use emojis and emojis based marketing campaigns have increased by 77% year over year.

Many popular companies use emojis to interact with their customers and practice some creative brand building. The results are: using emojis Twitter increases their engagement by more than 25.4 %, on Facebook more than 57% of people likes, more than 33% of people comment and share, and on Instagram more than 50% of all comments and captions use emojis.

So, if you are not still using cute text face, then you should use emojis for your social media brand promotions which make your brand appearance friendlier and increase your fame on social media. But for that, you have to know some tips about how to use emojis in Social Media. So, here we give some simple tips for using Emojis in social media.

Ways to Use Emojis in Social Media


If you want to promote your brand via social media using emojis, then using below-given ways you can increase your customer interaction.

Know the meaning of emojis:

One of the biggest drawbacks of the emoji world is that sometimes the cute symbols might not mean what you think they mean. So, before using the emojis, you should know the actual meaning of that smileys.

Keep your brand messaging stable:

If you are using emojis with your brand to make it creative then make sure the message of your brand should be consistent. For example, if you are an insurance broker and you start posting emojis with their speeches then you will raise some eyebrows and you could push away your main customers.

Use emojis naturally:

The main purpose of an emojis is to convey your bulky feeling. Using smiley faces, your meaning should be always clear than a written message. If you try to get more creative and use emojis in your entire message then it might be dislikes and the result of this may be less enthusiastic.

For real-time engagement use emojis:

You can use emojis on social media whenever it needed. For example, you can use emojis on social media like Facebook, Twitter, snap chat or Instagram while texting, but while using it make sure you are not using this emojis excessively. You can also use emojis for engagement by turning them into a game using campaigns, or ads.

Use emojis in your sales funnels:

Most companies use emojis to interact with their customers and promote their brands. A very famous example of this is Domino’s that makes an emoji a core sales feature.

Tie emojis with your brand:

If you want to tie emojis with your brand then you should keep in mind certain things like all devices support emojis. You should encourage your customers to share your emojis via promotions and Tie your emoji as an important symbol that people are passionate about.

Emojis are becoming an important part of daily communication or brand promotion via social media. While using emojis in social media you should know above-given tips, which make your communication with your customers more effectively.

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