How to Make Emoticons Faces?

While communicating with someone, we see his or her facial expression and know whether he or she is happy, sad, and angry. You can identify or see once facial expressions when you communicating with them face to face. But how can you identify a person’s mood when you chatting with him or her via text messages or chats.

Therefore, nowadays people use emojis or smiley faces to express their mood while chatting. Various kinds of emojis help to express your mood to others. Based on the emojis you send to your friend, he or she can identify your mood. When you chatting on Facebook or WhatsApp you have emojis, keyboard but if you want to make emoticons faces via keyboard and their characters then below we provide the complete information about how to make emoticons icons via your keyboard.

How to Make Emoticons Faces?

Guidelines to Make Emoticons Faces

Before we start to make emojis via your keyboard let’ have a look at some basic thumb rules.

Do not use the spacebar while typing emoticons.

Some emoticons express the negative effects. So, be careful while using these faces.

Do not use too many emoticons in one message.

Make Emoticons Faces via keyboard

Joy Faces

This kind of face is very famous and commonly used by all when they express their happiness. For making these emoticons follow the below steps.

🙂 colon+ minus or dash sign + closing bracket

😀 colon + minus or dash sign+ capital D

=) equal sign + closing bracket

Embarrassed Faces

This kind of face used when you make some mistake and feel shame for your act.

:$ Colon Sign + Dolor Sign

:-/ Colon Sign + Minus Sign + backslash

Sad Faces 

This kind of face used when a person is sad. To make Depressed faces use below the character from your keyboard.

🙁 colon + minus sign + opening bracket

:’-( Colon + apostrophe sign + minus sign + opening bracket

:’( Colon + apostrophe sign + opening bracket

Shocked Faces

This face uses when you find any surprising thing.

:-O Colon + Minus sign + Capital O

=O Equal Two Sign + Capital O

Cool Faces

These kinds of faces used to represent one’s coolness generally represent via sunglasses.

B-) Capital B + minus sign + Closing bracket

😎 Number 8 + Minus sign + Closing bracket

Confused Faces

When you confused you may be squinting your eyes or biting your lip. So, to make this face via your keyboard use the below characters.

%-) Percentage Sign + Minus Sign + Closing bracket

: -S Colon + Minus Sign + Capital S

Angry Faces

This emojis represent the squinted eyes, furrowed brows, puckered faces and frowns related to anger.

>:( Greater than sign + colon + Opening bracket

:-@ Colon + Minus Sign + @ sign

X-(Capital X + minus sign + Opening Bracket

I hope you will learn how to make emoticons faces in your message via your keyboard. So, if you want to make any of the above expressions in your communication then use the above characters from your keyboard.