How to Enhance Student Participation?

Class participation plays a huge role in the growth of students. Every professor knows the importance of the involvement of students in the class activities that’s why they constantly work on different types of activities to motivate them to participate.

Some Effective Tips to Encourage Students for Participation

It is possible with proper planning. Below, we are going to introduce some solutions to increase student’s participation in the class.

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Let Them Work Together

Allow students to work together. Owing to this, they can communicate with one another easily. Tell them to check each other’s homework. If the mistakes are found they will correct. Let them make changes in their classmate’s answers book.

Split Your Class into Groups

It is an amazing way to encourage students for class participation. Do one thing, divide your class into groups and let them handle the problems together. The students who know each other can easily participate with great enthusiasm.

In group participation, even a smaller opportunity can help them to provide a bit of contribution to the team. Moreover, they can easily interact with their classmates. Furthermore, give each student a topic in the group and set guidelines for teaching each-other. Besides, encourage them to do some different activities. There are many activities by which you can inspire them to participate in in-class activities.

Use Different Teaching Methods

All you need to do is to use various types of methods such as small group discussions, seminars, and small group activities. Make a college schedule maker and during the lecture, ask each a question and tell them to solve it. This activity makes them curious about the next question. Apart from questions, give them difficult puzzles to solve within a minute and make it more interesting and exciting. One right answer can encourage them to involve in such activities.

Give Them Responsibilities

When responsibility comes, many changes occur. Only accountability makes a man responsible. Give them responsibilities such as look after a particular task or team and hold them accountable in a positive way. Also, allocate extra time to rethink and do it again properly.

Listen to Them Properly

Everyone wants to be a good listener, but the matter of fact is that It is very difficult to be the listener as we don’t want somebody to dominate us. First of all, to encourage the students to participate in the class activities, understand them deeply what they actually want to do and why they avoid participating. This trick will help you to connect the students into the mainstream.


It is indeed a tiresome task to convince college students to come out in large numbers and participate in various types of activities. Don’t lose hope, the above-mentioned tricks will definitely increase student participation in different tasks.

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