Fun Tips to Use Autumn Leaves Before Clearing Your GardenFun Tips to Use Autumn Leaves Before Clearing Your Garden

There is no doubt that as much as the autumn foliage and fallen leaves look beautiful, they are a nuisance when need to be cleared from the gardens. They also cause a lot of filth and make the place look very messy. But before you buckle up to clear the garden do not miss the opportunity to use nature’s beauty in creative and fun ways!

1. Create Heaps and Play

Before putting on your cleaning gloves, wait! If there are enough dry leaves, you can give yourself some fun time with your family. Bring out the kid in you that loves having fun and making a mess. Make heaps of these leaves with your kids and have fun playing with them simply making a mess out of a mess at zero expense and the bonus is the quality time spent! You can also use these leaves for creating crafts and to keep your kids busy while you do the cleaning. Ask them to paint them different colors, print them on paper sheets, and create something pretty.

2. Photography

Autumn foliage and dried leaves are the most loved aesthetic out there. It has a vintage touch to it and is very pretty looking- unless it starts bothering you by making a mess and needs clearing. You can grab your camera or even a smartphone and try clicking some beautiful and aesthetic pictures of the scene or choose someone from your family as your muse and get clicking! Although the garden might look a mess in real life, you would be surprised how beautiful it might show up in pictures – after all, it is all about perspective!


3. Make Compost

Before you grab your best cordless leaf blower in one hand and a duster in another; getting ready for a battle with your garden and rough leaves, trying to kill them all by blowing them away consider this – what if you use what is killing your garden to give your garden a life instead? That was a bit dramatic but you get the idea. Fallen autumn leaves will add to the brown material in your compost bin and eventually turn into a thick black compost after it is mixed with the green matter as well. Use these autumn leaves to make compost and use it in a ‘mulch’ better way!

4. Autumn Leaf Designed Decor

For a much prettier use of the autumn leaves, you can choose the well-shaped ones, even in size, and attach them to a string of fairy lights. This serves as a really pretty decor on a plain wall and adds texture to it. Make sure the leaves you are using are not brittle and extremely dey or they might break down and create a mess inside along with the garden. Double the mess!

You can also use autumn leaves dipped in pigments to create leaf-shaped prints for walls ad even fabrics.