Fucidin Cream: Perfect Blend To Cure Impetigo & Eczema

Fucidin cream 15mg belongs to a class of drugs known as antibiotics. It is used to treat various skin infections caused by certain types of bacteria. Such infections may include impetigo, eczema, or atopic dermatitis and secondary infections (infections that develop after the skin has been injured) in burns or broken skin. Fucidin cream contains the active ingredient: fusidic acid and sodium fusidate, the sodium salt of fusidic acid. Each tube contains 2 percent fusidic acid in the base of the cream. Non-medicinal ingredients include rac-alpha-tocopherol, cetyl alcohol, butyl-hydroxy anisol, hydrochloric acid, 85% glycerin paraffin, 60 polysorbates,white soft paraffin, potassium sorbate, and purified water.

The list of skin conditions cured by fusidic acid:

  • Eczema/ Atopic Dermatitis
  • Impetigo
  • Cellulitis
  • Infected hair follicles (folliculitis)
  • Infected cuts or wounds
  • Skin infection around the nails (paronychia)

How Does Fusidic Acid Take Action In Your Body?

Fusidic acid 15g works by stopping the production of essential proteins by bacteria. Without these proteins, the bacteria can not grow, reproduce, and increase in numbers. Fusidic acid does not kill the bacteria directly but leaves them unable to increase their numbers. The remaining bacteria will eventually die or be destroyed by the immune system. This will clear up the infection.

Guidelines For The Application Of Fucidin Cream

Read the printed information leaflet from within the pack before you begin the procedure. It will give you more information on how to use the cream or ointment brand that you have been supplied with, and it will also provide you with a full list of side-effects that you may experience.

Use the preparation exactly as your dermatologist tells you to do. Apply a thin layer of cream/ointment to the infected area and rub it gently. If you have not been told otherwise, use it 3-4 times a day. Do not cover the treated areas then with bandages or tapes until and unless your dermatologist has asked you to do so. Remember to wash your hands well after you’ve finished using it (unless you’re using it to treat your hands).

Only use it for as long as you have been instructed by your doctor. The treatment course usually lasts for 7 days. Refrain from exceeding the medication for longer than 10 days.

If you face any severe side effects like severe rashes and chapped skin, immediately concern your dermatologist. Also, refrain from using this medication if you are pregnant or on breastfeeding.