Disney Plus Error Codes & What They Mean

While Disney+ was released to a lot of buzz and plenty of impatient fans downloading the app to watch their Disney favorites, however, not everyone had the best time of it.

There were several reports of errors and problems, and if you suffer from one of the system’s strange codes, then Obi-Wan Kenobi is not your only hope.

Error code

Disney Plus Errors Explained

Here are some of the most common errors on Disney+ and what they mean.

Error Code 4 – Transaction Issue

As you may already know, Disney Plus is not free. Error code 4 refers to your account, and to solve it, you may need to sign out of the account and back in again to see if it solves the issue.

On the other hand, you will also want to check your billing information. You are required to use a card that is valid in your country.

Error Code 7 – Email or Password Problem

This error can occur when Disney Plus is having issues with the password or email you chose, or there is some problem with what you are entering.

Error Code 5 – Account Information Problem

In case you have made an error in your login information, this error code will pop up. Make sure you double-check your details.

Error Code 8 – Invalid Email or Password

Make sure you have got the right details of your account.

Error Code 13 – Device Limit Reached

In Disney Plus, you can use a maximum of four distinct devices, and create user profiles for up to 7 persons.

So if you are the power user with plenty of devices, you may need to sign out of the account of the ones you use the least.

Error Code 83 – Connection or Device Issue

This disney plus error 83 means the app experienced an unknown error streaming to your device. This can likewise occur due to device compatibility issues, connection errors, or account problems.

Error Code 9 – Login or Payment Issue

This error is related to a login or payment problem. Make sure you have not been logged out of Disney Plus by accident. And check your details for good measure.

Error Code 25 – Internal Error

When this error occurs, try signing out and in again, and if it still does not resolve, you should contact Disney Plus support.

Error Code 38 – Time Settings

This is an easy one. This error occurs when your time setting is not right, so make sure the time setting on your device is set to “automatic” or aligned to world clock time.

Error Code 87 – Login or Password Problem

Use the last-resort method – sign out and in again, and check your login details are right.

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