How to Correct the Name on Indian Passport

Is your name incorrect on the Indian Passport? Do you want to correct it? Well! If yes, if you are an Indian Citizen and working or maybe studying in USA, then you should at first contact the Indian Embassy. You also can consult with the Jurisdiction for the particular area you are staying at if you want to correct the name on your Indian Passport. But the passport documents best thing is that if the mistake is committed by the officials only, then you should contact the concerned authority and lodge a complaint against the officials immediately. An extra fee may be charged from you who are solely dependent on seeing whose fault is it and the U.S residence card may be asked by the officials.

Check the below Steps to know How to Correct the Name on Indian Passport:

Step1: At first, you need to see whether the mistake has been committed by you or the officials while filling the form here online or offline.

Step2: After determining, you need to contact the officials or the consular at the embassy which has issued the passport to you in order to explain your exact problem to them. Then ask them to re-issue a new passport to you with your correct name as soon as possible.

Step3: In case, you have failed to contact the authority, you can also send an email to the passport office stating the problem in brief and asking for an immediate solution too.

Step4: Then you can visit the nearest embassy or mail them. If you are visiting the embassy, then don’t forget to take the Indian Passport issued to you along with you.

These are the few possible steps passport status tracking that can be followed while you want to change the name or correct the name on your Indian passport if you are staying in USA for any purpose. Kindly follow the required steps properly.