Coding Challenges And Competitions That Can Land You A Job

It’s a coder’s world! Anywhere you go, you will find the most valuable person or a group of people in an organization to be a coder. As the demand is rising for a coder, so is the supply. But as they say, too many cooks spoil the broth. Thus organizations are looking for niche specialized coders to solve their particular problems.

Interviewing every applicant for the job in case of programming can turn out to be a great mass recruiting stunt that many can’t afford (time-wise and money-wise). There comes an online coding skills test and competition in the picture. Companies are opting for a challenge with rewards to even the world level. Here are some popular ones in which you can also take part in.

Coding Challenges And Competitions


It is a third-party platform for coding competitions and fun challenges to win exciting cash prizes. The test and competition results are valuable to be submitted and highlighted for many interview opportunities for fresher computer scientists and engineers.


TopCoder is a crowdsourcing platform that allows visual designers, code developers, and data scientists to showcase their talent and get in the eyes of the world-leading brands for many career opportunities that they offer. Different contests have different prizes and chances that are offered.


More than a competition platform, it is an event platform. Industry recognition, social recognition, and innovation are its main focal points.


Codewars is free! It is a special competition for “katas” enthusiasts, learners and experts. Katas are created by a community of users and became famous due to its application and usage. The main advantage here is that it is a small community and thus getting noticed and winning some prices in Codewars can reward you with a career opportunity too.


Coderbyte has some extra when it comes to competition. It’s an extraordinary course to prepare with. The coding competition covers around 10 languages and is benchmark challenges for any coder online.


Attracting companies like Amazon, Bosch, ThoughtWorks, etc here is Skillenza at number 6. It is an Indian origin competition that is now a stronger community.

Our Few Cents

There are already many coding skills test and assessment platforms on the rise in India, you can give any if you want. But making the use of time at the right place is important as far as coding career is concerned. Try and get in these top coding competitions in India and you will make the best use of your time.

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