Butt Lift Surgery Guide – Pros, Cons And Side Effects

More and more people are getting a butt lift surgery as it tightens the loose skin around the buttocks area and gives buttocks more firm and superior look. When a person goes through extensive weight loss, skin sagging occurs, butt lift surgery removes all that sagging.

Butt lift surgery is also known as Brazilian butt lift surgery or Gluteoplasty. There are Various Pros and Cons of Butt lift surgery depending on what is the reason you having getting the surgery for. It depends on whether you had extreme weight loss or due to a traumatic accident that caused deformity.

Let’s Look At Some Pros And Cons Of Butt Lift Surgery

Pros Of Butt Lift Surgery.

  1. The buttocks area looks softer and firmer.
  2. It helps you remove extra sagging, loose skin and fat.
  3. The surgery is permanent or long-lasting.
  4. Discomfort caused by sagged skin is eliminated.
  5. It is a highly effective and recommended procedure.

  Cons Of Butt Lift Surgery

  1. It requires a lot of time for recovery.
  2. Certain preventive measures have to be taken after the surgery like no smoking, a good diet, and proper calorie intake.
  3. Weight fluctuations in the future can affect recovery results.
  4. The procedure is costly.
  5. It can cause a loss of volume in buttocks.

Everything has its pros and cons, but the certain thing has its side effects too, especially when it comes to your body changing. Let’s discuss some side effects of butt lift surgery.

Side Effects Of Butt Lift Surgery

  1. In initial days or weeks, the butt might look quite bumpy, but it heals with time.
  2. There is always a risk of minor infections in the area where harvested tissues are not able to survive. This can be solved by prescribing some antibiotics.
  3. The site from where the fat tissues were donated, may show lack of rigidity for some time.
  4. There can be minor discomfort involved in this procedure.

Certain Post-Operative Measures Should Be Kept In Mind.

  • A healthy diet plan is very important.
  • Multivitamin supplements should be taken as per instructions.
  • Smoking should be completely prohibited.
  • The reduction of Calories is not compulsory.
  • Eat sufficient calorie i.e. 2,000 calories per day.
  • Diet should include nuts, walnuts, and peanuts, flax seeds and almonds.
  • Heavy activities should be eliminated for some time.

So this was your guide if you are thinking of getting a butt lift surgery, do read this. Know about the pros and cons, side effects and postoperative measures.