4 Effective Ways to Fight Anxiety Without Drugs

In the 21st century, it’s difficult to get our personal lives, professional lives, and our mental health aligned in and in check. We lead faster and busier lives. However, life is way too short to be lived in a rush. In pursuit of making the most of our lives, we often forget to take good care of our health.

When we refer to health, we do not just only mean physical health, but we are approaching a holistic perspective here. Our mental health is just as precious as our physical health, maybe more, but not less. And if you’re suffering from mental health issues, we have some remedies for you that will help you in tough times without taking the help of medication.

Maintain a Schedule

Anxiety occurs when a person feels a rush from inside. A rush is a result of feeling as if you have missed out on some tasks or activities and hence, you should try to plan out your day in advance. Prioritize your tasks, make a schedule and follow it with discipline. There are many schedule makers available on the internet, you can use them. Following a schedule will give you a content feeling and help you reduce your anxiety.

Inhale, Exhale, and Meditate

Anxiety doesn’t come with a warning, it can occur anytime and to anyone. Thus, it is safe to have a technique figured out to reduce your stress in tough times. For some people, it could be talking to their loved ones, for some it can just be taking deep breaths. This is the most common technique to calm your nerves and relax. Once you identify that you’re having an anxiety attack, try to sit someplace, inhale and exhale deeply, it will surely help you to calm down.


Write Down Your Thoughts

This can be helpful when you’re not comfortable with sharing your thoughts with people, you can a diary your companion and make journaling your solution for overcoming stress and anxiety. Whatever you’re feeling, just jot down your thoughts one by one (don’t judge yourself for feeling a certain way, write down everything), and you will feel a sense of calm in the moment of stress. You can always carry a diary with yourself and make it your regular habit to cope up with mental health problems.


Take a Walk, Clear Your Head

Taking a long and peaceful walk can never go wrong. It can clear your head and rejuvenate you for the greater good. For instance, if you’re at your workplace and you feel stressed over some topic, just leave everything for some time and take a walk around your office block. This way, you can avoid any workplace conflicts and get rid of your anxiety as well. Not only at the workplace, but taking a quiet walk in nature can also help you to reduce your stress and anxiety.

Many people still have a shibboleth that mental health problems are not real, but people who are suffering from it know it is as real as a day. Hence, don’t hold back from having your proven technique to cope up with your stress and anxiety!