Snake & Ladder Game-Sap Sidi

Snakes and Ladders are a simplest and best time passing game with lots of fun & it is also known as Saap Sidi Game. It is a 2-4 player game; we have to play it with dies. It the game Snakes and Ladders are pictured on Square Board with 1-100 digits numbers. This game is very popular among kids and they play Saap Sidi with their Parents, Friends, and Family. It is very old and ancient game but still, it is played by Today’s Generation.

Features of Snake & Ladder Game:

  • To take fun the game adds on classic board in Survival mode.
  • You can play this game Vs Computer with intelligence.
  • You can also complete your game online with other players in multiplayer mode.
  • Enjoy the game offline by playing with 2-4 friends (2P, 3P, 4P).
  • Invite the friends to play a game and get the achievements.
  • Download the game and play on your android phone anywhere at any time with your family, friends, etc…
Snake & Ladder Game

Download the Snake and Ladder Game free for Android:

  • First, open play store on your mobile, search Snake and Ladder Game and FS 18 Mods in the search box.
  • The related app will appear and it’s rating. Tap on Snake and Ladder Game-Sap Sidi to open it for Downloading.
  • Tap on INSTALL for further process and then by clicking on ACCEPT your downloading will be started.
  • After sometime download will be completed, OPEN the app to Start playing this game.


Snake and Ladder Game are known as Sap Sidi in Gujarati, it known by other names in different languages. The player who reaches at 100 or at the last box first will be the winner of the Game. Snake and Ladder game is a very popular game among Children, kids, boys, and girls. Win the game and enjoy your extra time for the refreshment of the mind.

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