Configuring your NETGEAR router

NETGEAR router

Are you worried about the configuration set up of your Net Gear router for your broad band or cable connection? If yes, then you are in the right place. This article will definitely help you to configure your broad band connection. So let’s start the step by step process of the configuration set up in details.

Net Gear router normally uses smart Wizard user interface for the configuration set up. So to configure your Net gear device for cable internet connection with Smart Wizard you have to follow these steps carefully.

Complete configure process:

1st step:

First of all you have to connect your modem to the internet port of your new Net Gear router and then your computer to any of the LAN ports among 4 ports which are available in your router.

2nd step:

Then just switch off the computer, router and the modem and after sometimes just on all of these devices and just wait for the complete booting process.

3rd step:

Then just open your web browser and just type the routers IP address. The IP address should be or . Just type any one on your address bar and enter the press button. After the enter button you can visit the log in interface of the router. There just use the by default username and password which is “admin” and “password” respectively. Remember one thing the username and password are always case sensitive. If you are using an old one and someone already changed the username and pass word then the default username and pass word will not work. In such cases, you need to restore the router to factory defaults. By doing this you can use the default password again and can log easily for the configuration page.

4th step:

After login you will find the set up wizard screen on your display.

5th step:

After this just select the yes button and click next. After that the setup Wizard will check the type of internet connection. If it finds cable internet connection then the Wizard detects the dynamic IP.

6th step:

After that just click next button which shows under the dynamic IP detected notification and save the setting. Remember one thing never change the default setting till your internet provider offered you any specific DNS information.

7th step:

After that finally check for the confirmation if you are connected successfully to the internet or not for this you have to select the router status which is under the maintenance section.

These are seven proper steps to configure your Net Gear router just follow these steps and enjoy your internet connection.

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