List of Queensland School Holidays 2017

School Holidays Queensland

QLD school holidays are the days known as school vacations or breaks. The schools remain close for longer period of 2-3 weeks or more. The department of education and training in the Australian states determines the list of school holidays. In Australia, the academic years are divided into two semester. Each semester is further divided into two terms, making the total terms to four in a year.

In the southern hemisphere, the main summer holiday is the longest school vacations. It encompasses most of the days of the December month and a full January of the upcoming year. The summer holidays are the main holidays as they also feature the biggest festivals of the year. Summer school holidays are also known as Christmas and New Year holidays. Besides the main summer holidays, the schools in Queensland have other three school holidays. Autumn break, winter break, and spring break are other Queensland school holidays.

QLD School Holidays 2017

Queensland School Holidays 2017 List

Students and parents can book their holiday activities for any school holiday period by checking the below calendar. The following list of break is for state-run schools in Queensland.

  1. Autumn school holidays – The autumn break in Queensland will begin from 3rd April 2017,Monday and will last till 17th April 2017, Monday. The autumn holidays also give a longest weekend to the office employees for Good Friday and Easter Holidays.
  2. Winter school holidays – The winter break in Queensland government schools will run from 26th June 2017, Monday to 7th July 2017, Friday.
  3. Spring Holidays – Spring school break is the best times for people to move outdoors. The spring break in QLD starts from 18th September 2017, Monday to 2nd October 2017, Monday.
  4. Summer school holidays – QLD summer school holidays is the longest school holiday running through almost a month. It begins from 11th December 2017, Monday and will end on 19th January 2018, Friday.

School Holidays

But the tertiary year for 10 and 11 years’ students will end on the 24th November 2017, Friday. The year 12 ends on 17th November 2017, Friday. The above given school holiday dates apply to all the government schools of the Queensland state. Also you can know key dates and list of western Australia public Holidays at our blog or official site. However, the Western Queensland and the Northern Queensland begin their summer holidays one week before the above mentioned dates.

Besides QLD school holidays, our blog also provide information on school holidays of NSW, VIC, and ACT. The office employees will also find the complete list of public holidays 2017.

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